Hacking Android on the UDOO board for SATA and S/PDIF

How to build and flash a custom Android image for the UDOO Quad board. Hacking the UDOO kernel config and Android prop files to enable SATA hard-drive support and S/PDIF digital audio.


DIY Home Automation in the IoT era with UDOO and Polymer

From real-time bit banging on TRIACs to HTML material design. Using remote lighting as a case study, this post proposes a full dive into all the layers involved in a modern IoT application, based on a PIC micro, a UDOO board, Android and Polymer HTML5 components.


My UDOO wall-mount set-top box

Pictures, video and cad model of my wall-mounted home-automation and set-top-box project based on a UDOO Quad board.


Large scale Git history rewrites

How to rewrite the history of 170k commits and 2.8 million objects in 19 minutes with ~300 lines of python code. The adventures of a Git pervert, a python fanatic and a performance freak.


A (almost) Perfectly Forward Secret OpenSSL one-liner

A quick one-liner which might come handy in paranoid occasions. It shows how to initiate a very simple and cryptographically robust connection between two hosts, which has forward secrecy properties, with a one line invocation of OpenSSL.


How to fork Android on GitHub

Forking Android for personal embedded projects can be an interesting use case. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of Android's codebase, it might not be as straightforward as forking an average standalone project, even for of a single line change. This post explains how to maintain a fork of Android on GitHub in a sensible and efficient way.


Siemens MC35 GSM terminal hacking and programming

This article is a hack guide to the Siemens MC35 GSM terminal. Siemens MC35 is a common GSM/GPRS terminal that can provide embedded systems with GSM network connectivity.